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The real at the heart of our DNA

StudioFact media group differentiates itself above all by the nature of its content:

We are the only production group specializing in true stories and writing about reality.

StudioFact is the first French audiovisual production company to have this particularity: each of the group’s entities tells the real story.

Around the group, we develop projects in partnership with players in the sector whose requirements and vision of the profession we share.

StudioFact’s six production arms (Press, Documentary, Fiction, Publishing, Podcasts and Lab) allow for a seamless flow of stories and true stories through various possible narrative modes. The strategic grouping of these businesses and the talents that work in them also allows for the creation of economic synergies.

Our group is also unique in its distribution methods. We investigate, create and produce for television, streaming platforms, movie theaters, podcast platforms and bookstores.

With its experience in investigation, magazine and documentary, StudioFact is developing a fiction branch with a very specific vision: writing about reality. Because reality always exceeds fiction, we explore this inexhaustible universe by combining the demands of investigation with the infinite possibilities of narration. Always on solid ground. And always surrounded by the best talents of the audiovisual creation. Talents that we value and that trust us, whether they are actors, scriptwriters, journalists, directors, investigators, producers, artists or technicians.

We work on unitary and serial formats. The original content we produce is intended for streaming platforms, television and theaters.

StudioFact Press ( TV Press) He has a perfect command of audiovisual techniques. Today, the agency brings together many talented journalists, directors and reporters, who have been writing documentaries, investigations, subjects for news magazines and reports broadcast on all channels for 15 years.

We work on unitary and serial formats. The original content we produce is intended for streaming platforms, television and theaters.

Documentaries that can be watched as fiction

The reality makes the scenario of a documentary. It is by observing technical, societal or historical phenomena that we offer the possibility to better understand the world around us. StudioFact Doc produces heritage documentaries on news, society, history and culture, politics, opinions and the environment.

Telling the real with a microphone, through immersion, investigation and sound fiction. Starting from the intimate to tell the universal. Giving a voice to those who are not heard… StudioFact’s podcast creation studio is all of this at once. Our ambition is to accompany you by whispering in your ear the best true stories gleaned by our journalists and investigators. Our ambition is to address adults but also the youngest, in order to offer them an alternative to screens, just as educational but full of mystery.

Always true, always verified.

The vocation of our books is to tell the real story. Without a taste for scandal or for the scum of the day, we choose strong, meaningful stories. Autobiographical stories, remarkable facts, testimonies, investigations in immersion, the ambition of Studiofact Editions is to transport its readers to the heart of singular universes, in touch with the times. Books to reveal, investigate, question, move. With a special focus on writing, between journalism and literature, in the tradition of narrative non-fiction.

In partnership with ESJ Lille, we offer a chance to the journalistic talents of tomorrow. We wish to accompany them, prepare them, and offer them the technical and intellectual tools necessary for a demanding training. Our role is to identify and support these talents to see a generation of professional, ethical and concerned journalists and investigators emerge.

Nothing is truer than live performance. Nothing is more alive than the spectacle of the real. From life to stage, there is only one step: StudioFact Live takes it to the stage with stories that are not imagined but have happened. Writing for the theater with the ink of truth means inventing a narrative that respects both the accuracy of the facts and the emotional alchemy of the scene. StudioFact Live explores the latest news, the widest range of current events and the unquestionable archives of history to bring them to life
“on stage”.

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