Rachel’s notebooks

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 May 1985. The small Bordeaux village of Teuillac celebrates its 100th birthday. The camcorder footage shows the mayor, Alain Pons, dressed as Santa Claus, handing out presents to the village children. He found a sack abandoned in the attic of one of the villagers.  At the bottom of […]

Madame Sean Connery

4 x 22′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Casablanca, 1970. Behind the scenes of a golf tournament, a French woman from the upper crust of society, an intimate of the King’s court, crosses paths with Sean Connery. They are 40 and 41 years old. Both are married, both have families, but in the space […]

We Are People

52′ & 90′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Until the beginning of the 20th century, people with disabilities were marginalized by society or exhibited as freaks. At that time, it was out of the question for them to practice a sport. 150 years of struggles have changed this landscape.150 years of struggles to have […]

Grafting life

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 They still can’t believe it. In the recovery room, the two sisters meet again after an exceptional operation: Aurélie has just given her uterus to her little sister Anais. Born without this essential organ to carry a child, the 36-year-old woman now allows herself to dream of having […]

Emergencies in Crisis

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Last December, one person died every day due to a lack of proper care by the emergency rooms or the paramedics. While the situation was already catastrophic, it is still getting worse: men and women die alone on stretchers in the emergency rooms, the doctors on leave are […]

Foster Babies

60′ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Whether they were the product of an anonymous birth or separated from their family because of a Court decision, the number of newborns spending their first months in a nursery before getting a foster family or an adoptive one is increasing. We follow these babies’ first steps, scarred […]

Front Liner

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Makan belongs to the invisible mass of the undocumented working class. Since he left his native country three years ago, he has been working two jobs, combining delivery and dishwashing for a luxurious restaurant. On his bike or in the sticky heat of the kitchen, every euro counts […]

Tibetan Buddhism, the unspeakable truth

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Summary In August 2017, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, announced the disgrace of Sogyal Rinpoche. This internationally renowned Buddhist Dalai Lama was accused of beating and sexually abusing his students for decades. This was not the only case. In France and elsewhere, serious abuses committed […]

Murders, spies and Freemasons: the incredible Athanor affaire

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Summary For the Criminal Brigade, everything starts in 2020 with the arrest of two armed DGSE agents, hiding in a stolen car. They are suspected of having wanted to eliminate a woman, Marie-Hélène Dini. The two soldiers claim to be on a mission for the DGSE’s «action» department, […]

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