Harassment in the Army

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Summary Hooded and tied to a target in the middle of a firing range, during a live-fire exercise by the fighter planes of his brand new squadron: this is the incredible hazing suffered by a young Air Force pilot in 2019. For the first time, Antoine, the victim […]

The driving license business

75’| FR | HD | 2019 An astonishing investigation into the driving license business! From cut-price driving schools to fraudsters selling fake documents indistinguishable from the real thing to networks dedicated to helping candidates cheat their way through theory examinations, some people will stop at nothing to get their hands on a driving licence… Producer: […]

The guardian angels of the French Riviera

8X90’ | 2019 | FR | HD On the French Riviera, firefighters, emergency services and police are present on all fronts to ensure the safety of tourists who visit the French Riviera every year. We follow the firemen of Cagnes-sur-Mer, the gendarmerie of Hyères and the emergency service of the hospital of Fréjus which come […]

Mormons out to conquer the world

95’ | FR | HD | 2018 Today, the Mormon community counts 16 million faithful throughout the world, including 38,000 in France. Everyone is asked to donate 10% of their income to the church. Investigation into a discreet church that dreams of converting the whole world. Director: Guillaume De MorantProducers: TV Presse – StudioFact Media […]

Bank card fraud

52’ | FR | HD | 2018 Every day, victims come to police stations to report the theft of their bank card and the deduction of sums of up to several thousand euros from their bank account. A young lieutenant takes the case in hand. His investigation reveals that thieves strike in businesses and fast […]

Cash: Investigating tax fraud

87’ | FR | HD | 2018 Cheating the taxman is not an easy thing to do, yet every year tens of thousands of taxpayers find ways to do it. What methods do they use? and what strategies are in place to prevent them from doing so? We focus on the different cases of fraud […]

Basque country: holidays on the move

90’ | FR | HD | 2018 The Basque Country is a favorite destination for French vacationers. The Forget family and their three children fell under the spell of this mountainous country, which opens mainly on the Atlantic. With them, we discover the region, its beautiful beaches, its green hills, its village festivals and its […]

OPEX, Behind the Scenes of War

77′ | FR | HD | 2018 Jeremiah, Amelie, Didier, Yohan… Soldiers and civilians, they work almost independently in the Malian desert as chefs, bakers, mechanics, nurses, first-aid workers, maintenance managers. Who are these men and women on the ground, who choose to live away from their families? How does the army handle logistics 4,000 […]