Collabos: Ukraine at war with its traitors

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2024 The “collaborator”, that bastard, central figure of the Ukrainian conflict. Obsessed with “saboteurs”, the country has been tracking down those guilty of acts of treason since the first hours of the conflict. Mayors, teachers, priests, soldiers or ordinary people, they were the infiltrated agents in the service of […]

Monaco: Great Manipulation on Le Rocher

52′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 In Monaco, the dream is within reach! A Mediterranean climate, the sea, luxury hotels and cars, the mythical Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Princely Palace, social events… A luxurious destination sought after by all the world’s billionaires and jet-setters. It is good to live in this tax haven. […]

Lafarge: An Undercover Factory

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Summary 2017: While in Syria and Iraq an international coalition is successfully fighting ISIS, a shocking scandal shakes the giants of construction and finance in Zurich and Paris. The Lafarge group, the world’s number one cement company, admits to having paid paying money to the number one enemy, […]

The Return: Investigation on Seïf Al-Islam Khadafi

52′ | FR | HD | 2023 Since October 20, 2011, the date of his father’s death, he has been captured by the Zintan rebels, sentenced to death by Tripoli, released by a militia before disappearing again. On July 30, 2021, he reappeared in the New York Times. A few weeks later, the International Conference […]

Qatargate: The secrets of the World Cup

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Who would have thought it? On Sunday, November 20, 2022, a country as big as Corsica launches its World Cup in the middle of winter, under 30°C, in air-conditioned stadiums! No football fan had ever known anything like this before. In addition to the ecological absurdity, there are […]


3X12’| EN/FR | HD | 2022 1 – Those who remain Irpin, a city symbolizing the exodus with its destroyed bridge, was transformed into a ghost town in a few days. However, some people have remained, holed up in their homes, without running water or electricity: they are waiting for death. Their days and nights […]