Lafarge: An Undercover Factory

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Summary 2017: While in Syria and Iraq an international coalition is successfully fighting ISIS, a shocking scandal shakes the giants of construction and finance in Zurich and Paris. The Lafarge group, the world’s number one cement company, admits to having paid paying money to the number one enemy, […]

Discover Project, the Genesis of a Virus

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Summary More than three years after the start of the pandemic, the world is still in the unknown. This documentary followed scientists from around the world in their quest for the origins of SrasCov2 from the early months of the catastrophe. Virologists, bat biologists, epidemiologists, members of the […]

Qatargate: The secrets of the World Cup

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Who would have thought it? On Sunday, November 20, 2022, a country as big as Corsica launches its World Cup in the middle of winter, under 30°C, in air-conditioned stadiums! No football fan had ever known anything like this before. In addition to the ecological absurdity, there are […]


60’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Summary In claiming to fight racism, today’s ideologues practice another form of stigmatization and segregation. How did this new intolerance take root in our societies in the name of progressive values? How did the drift that we are witnessing today come about? We will go back and forth […]

Tibetan Buddhism, the unspeakable truth

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Summary In August 2017, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, announced the disgrace of Sogyal Rinpoche. This internationally renowned Buddhist Dalai Lama was accused of beating and sexually abusing his students for decades. This was not the only case. In France and elsewhere, serious abuses committed […]

Horse racing: cheating and doping

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022 Summary The world of horse racing is in turmoil, with several court cases bringing to light questionable practices in the organisation and running of races. Trainers ready to do anything to manipulate the results of races, jockeys who are complicit, race stewards who are not very careful. There […]


3X12’| EN/FR | HD | 2022 1 – Those who remain Irpin, a city symbolizing the exodus with its destroyed bridge, was transformed into a ghost town in a few days. However, some people have remained, holed up in their homes, without running water or electricity: they are waiting for death. Their days and nights […]

Women in prison, America’s forgotten ones

52’| EN/FR | HD | 2022 In the early 1980s, there were fewer than 25,000 women behind bars in the United States. Forty years later, there are more than 230,000 of them. The number of women in prison has literally exploded, increasing twice as fast as the number of men in prison. What are the […]

Green Justice, can the law save the planet?

52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2021 Our planet is burning and NGOs seem to be overwhelmed by the number of catastrophic situations to manage… As soon as one fire goes out, another one is lit on the other side of the world. While Greenpeace had obtained a moratorium on deforestation in the Amazon, Bolsonaro’s […]