We Are People

52′ & 90′ | EN/FR | HD | 2023 Until the beginning of the 20th century, people with disabilities were marginalized by society or exhibited as freaks. At that time, it was out of the question for them to practice a sport. 150 years of struggles have changed this landscape.150 years of struggles to have […]


2×45′ & 90′ | FR | HD | 2023 Tessa, a highschooler, is constantly harassed by students in her class. She doesn’t talk about it to anyone and takes refuge in singing for which she has a real gift. It’s her secret. One day, she publishes a video that ends up being spread all over […]

The guardian angels of the French Riviera

8X90’ | 2019 | FR | HD On the French Riviera, firefighters, emergency services and police are present on all fronts to ensure the safety of tourists who visit the French Riviera every year. We follow the firemen of Cagnes-sur-Mer, the gendarmerie of Hyères and the emergency service of the hospital of Fréjus which come […]

Mormons out to conquer the world

95’ | FR | HD | 2018 Today, the Mormon community counts 16 million faithful throughout the world, including 38,000 in France. Everyone is asked to donate 10% of their income to the church. Investigation into a discreet church that dreams of converting the whole world. Director: Guillaume De MorantProducers: TV Presse – StudioFact Media […]

Cash: Investigating tax fraud

87’ | FR | HD | 2018 Cheating the taxman is not an easy thing to do, yet every year tens of thousands of taxpayers find ways to do it. What methods do they use? and what strategies are in place to prevent them from doing so? We focus on the different cases of fraud […]

Illegal Trafficking, Animals in Danger

90′ | FR | HD | 2018 When buying an animal, how can we be sure of its pedigree? Can we trust the breeders on the net? What are the consequences of animal trafficking? Every year, 100,000 dogs arrive illegally in France. Abused animals with false papers and expired vaccines. To fight this crime, a […]

Yellow Vests: When France Catches Fire

84′ | FR | HD | 2018 Since the 18th October 2018, the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests), an unprecedented movement to protest against rising fuel prices, have been stirring up France. This «France of the forgotten» decided to be heard by organizing a day of roadblocks. And so, a revolt has been shaking the state. […]

Elite units: the new role of animals

88′ | FR | HD | 2018 The police, gendarmerie and army don’t just hire people: animals are also part of their workforce. Indeed, the skills of dogs, horses or even pigeons are sometimes essential! For several weeks, we accompanied these exceptional animals from training sessions to field missions to create a portrait of these […]

Obesity: the price of kilos

90’ | FR | HD | 2018 In France, 15% of adults and 1 in 5 children are obese or overweight. These alarming figures have created a real shock! The Ministry of Health is increasing the number of information programs designed to convey a “good eating” charter.On the physician side, the revolution is underway. New […]

Race to the stars: the exclusive palaces of Paris

86’ | FR | HD | 2018 Le Meurice, Le Bristol, Le George V… one night in these hotels in a single room costs 600 euros and a suite can cost up to 25,000 euros. Over the last 10 years, the number of luxury rooms in Paris has nearly doubled. How do they promote their […]

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