Medical emergencies: behind the scenes of the SAMU

84’ | FR | HD | 2018 At the hospital of Chalon-sur-Saône, 25 doctors of the SAMU take turns 24/24h, 7/7 days to treat the inhabitants of the region.For several weeks we followed these emergency professionals who provide first aid. Dedicated emergency physicians who are passionate about their work and sometimes intervene in extreme conditions.Road […]

Food: poison in our plates?

90’| FR | HD | 2017 Over the past 50 years, food has become more diverse and health campaigns are always urging us to eat more healthily. With purchasing power at half mast, the French are looking for affordable food products. To produce industrial quantities of fruit, fish and meat at reduced prices, industrialists and […]

Côte d’Azur: secrets of the cash machine

80′ | FR | HD | 2017 With more than ten million visitors a year, the French Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Private beaches make almost all of their income in July and August. While building on the sea front is now prohibited in principle, some sumptuous buildings have still just […]

String-pulling, perks: hands off my privileges!

82’ | FR | HD | 2015 An investigation into the lifestyle of French MEPs, who benefit from miscellaneous “expenses” and allowances in addition to their salary. Followed by a report on the allocation of low-renthousing in Paris. Are certain privileges justified? Are they sometimes abused? Producer: TV Presse – Studiofact Media Group

Reality TV

80’ | FR | HD | 2014 During the 2000s, a mini-revolution hit the small screen with the emergence of reality TV. Today’s programmes are nothing like the original «Big Brother» and incredibly diverse. But what happens to all the candidates who feed the networks for weeks on end once the cameras stop rolling? Who […]

Vets: coming to the aid of animals

80’ | FR | HD | 2014 With over 60 million pets, The French lead the animal-loving field in Europe. In recent years, new species such as snakes, rats and lizards have grown in popularity, all requiring protection and care. From the birth of calves to the vaccination of cats, we take part in the […]

From the stars to the president: the tabloid press

80’ | FR | HD | 2014 The front page of a magazine revealing an alleged relationship between François Hollande and actress Julie Gayet was the talk of the town. Did the tabloids go too far in tackling the highest authority in the Republic? Whether it’s the President’s privacy or the romantic setbacks of Hollywood […]

Paris, the Marais

80’ | FR | HD | 2014 The Marais: a village in the heart of Paris.A little jewel-box, a haven for the stars, the gay community & the Orthodox Jewish community. But behind the scenes, the falafel vendors are waging a merciless war, the residents have had enough of the all-night parties & the locals […]

Reckless drivers and offenders: highways under surveillance

80’ | FR | HD | 2013 We followed the highway police in Lyon, day and night, as they went about their duties. Speeding, driving without a license or under the influence of drink or drugs… seven out of ten accidents are caused by road traffic offenders. The highway police track down these reckless drivers […]

Marseilles: can the police win the war againts the caïds ?

80’ | FR | HD | 2013 Serial score settling, corruption, clientelism and embezzlement are undermining the political class in Marseilles. A rampant underground economy is contaminating the whole city, while unemployment has reached a record high… Who makes the laws in Marseilles? How are the police and the law trying to fight trafficking of […]