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Prison: lives behind bars


Overcrowding, violence, trafficking, constantly understaffed guards… One of our teams obtained exceptional authorization to film the daily life of the Villepinte penitentiary in Seine-Saint-Denis: more than 800 inmates for 560 available places. It is one of the most important prisons in Île-de-France.

Broadcast on Thursday, June 23 at 9:10 pm on France 2 in Envoyé Spécial.

A report by Marina Ladous, Etienne Huver and Eve Bartoli for Slug News and StudioFact Media Group.

"Murders, spies and Freemasons: the incredible Athanor affair"


It’s a completely crazy case, that you could think it was from the series The Office Of Legends. A story that mixes elected officials, Freemasons and secret agents.

Broadcast on Thursday, May 5 at 11pm in Complément d’enquête on France 2.

A 52′ investigation by Eric Lehnisch and Pierre-Louis Devais in partnership with Le Parisien

For the Criminal Brigade, it all starts in Créteil one morning in August 2020 with the arrest of two armed DGSE agents, hiding in a stolen car. They are suspected of having wanted to eliminate a woman, Marie-Hélène Dini.

So why did they go after this mother, a business coach?

The two soldiers claim to be on a mission for the DGSE’s “action” service, but in reality they are at the heart of a private settlement of accounts.

The sponsor seems to be a company director who wanted to eliminate a competitor.

He and his two presumed accomplices are Freemasons, members of a small lodge in the Hauts-de-Seine called Athanor, which has become, according to the investigators, a chilling crime syndicate.

The three men are suspected of having organized and paid for “contracts”: surveillance, tailing, beatings, and even murder.

Their targets? A troublesome trade unionist, a Congolese political opponent in exile, or an indebted racing driver.

For this, they had recruited their henchmen, explaining to them that they were “working” underhandedly for the State and French interests.

Fifteen people are now under investigation.

Thanks to unpublished documents and rare testimonies, Complément d’Enquête tells you about this sprawling case, which now leads the police on the trail of several unsolved cases.

Tessae: the voice of harassed students


Tessae is just 20 years old, she is a singer and has become for a few weeks the voice of teenagers victims of harassment.

Broadcast on March 27, 2022 at 5:25 pm in 66 minutes on M6

A StudioFact Media Group production

Director: Yasmine Oughlis and Naomi Moschini

Editor in chief : Geraldine Bévière

Harassed from middle school onwards in Marseille, she gradually developed a school phobia and a generalized anxiety disorder. But it is thanks to the music that she manages to get out of the water. Spotted by Booba in 2019, she became in a few months a phenomenon thanks to the social network Tiktok where her track was shared more than 300,000 times… Today she releases a book “Frôler les murs” (JC Lattès) which tells her story, without detour, and explodes the taboo of mental health among young people, to break the silence, shame and isolation.

For the past few weeks, Tessae has been meeting teenagers in schools to raise awareness.

Valentin also suffers from school phobia. From his room in Chamonix where he lives cloistered, the young man discovered Tessae. His texts motivate him every day to try to come out of his isolation. Even if for the moment his only contacts with the outside world are his parents.

The Jubillar mystery

Documentary & Publishing

At StudioFact, reality comes in all its forms.

“Le mystère Jubillar”, the book-investigation by Ronan Folgoas published by StudioFact Editions, was released in bookstores on March 17, the day before the broadcast on RMC Story of the documentary on the case by Gregory Héraud and Xavier Beneroso.

1/ The Jubillar mystery by Ronan Folgoas, released on March 17, 2022 by StudioFact Editions

The press talks about it : download the file here .

Buy the book HERE.

2/ Investigation of the Jubillar mystery broadcast on May 18 at 9:05 pm on RMC Story
A film by Gregory Héraud and Xavier Beneroso
A StudioFact Media Group production

Buy it HERE

This is the story of a missing woman. Of a possible crime.

It is the story of a couple in agony, of a man who is the object of all suspicions, and of a truth that is slow to emerge.

It is a human drama as banal as it is totally unique.

This could have been just another news story, but the Jubillar mystery is beyond anything.

Few journalists are as familiar with the inner workings of the Jubillar case as Ronan Folgoas. As a senior reporter for the Police-Justice department of the newspaper Le Parisien, he conducted a very thorough field investigation for more than a year, supported by unpublished court documents and dozens of exclusive testimonies. He is the only journalist to have been in contact with the main protagonists of the case, starting with Cedric Jubillar himself, and Delphine’s lover, the man with whom she wanted to rebuild her life.

War in Ukraine


Telling the real story: more than a tagline, a mission.

StudioFact reporters are on the ground to bring you information about the war in Ukraine.

Three initial reports have already been broadcast.

Broadcasted on Saturdays 5, 12 and 19 March 2022 in ARTE Reportage at 6:45 pm on ARTE

Reports by Gwenlaouen Le Gouil, Christophe Barreyre and Brice Lambert

1 – “Ukraine: the resistance is getting organized

2 – “Ukraine: the war of the religious”

3 – “Ukraine: those who remain

Militant Youth


On the occasion of the 2022 Presidential campaign, “Jeunesse Militante” tackles the campaign of young people, told by young people.

While the campaign is in full swing, for weeks, we followed 8 young activists, spread all over France. Each one has his own ideas, each one has his own candidate, and above all, each one has his own story.

Broadcast on March 14, 2022 at 8:30 pm on LCP

A film directed and written by Samuel Elfassy of Studiofact Lab

A StudioFact Lab production in partnership with ESJ Lille for LCP and Le Parisien

According to a recent IPSOS survey, 9 out of 10 young people intend to vote in the next presidential elections. A pool of voters that could well tip the presidential election. The challenge for each party is to get as many of them on board as possible.

For this, they can count on the fervor of their representatives on the ground: the young militants.

From the extreme right to the extreme left, these young people do not hesitate to make every effort to bring their candidates’ ideas to life. From leafleting to collage, going door to door, using social networks, the objective of these young people is to be everywhere, all the time.

While the campaign is in full swing, for weeks, we followed 8 of them, spread all over France. Each one has his own ideas, each one has his own candidate, and above all, each one has his own story.

All of them have indeed experienced a major event that has shaped their commitment and their political convictions. A past that now determines their future.

Whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing their free time, their studies, and sometimes even putting themselves in danger. They are willing to do anything to make their ideas and their candidate triumph.

On April 24, 2022, among the contenders for the Elysée Palace, only one will remain. And each of these young activists hopes that it will be theirs.

Loup Blanc : a tribe under control


A self-proclaimed shaman, Cyrille Adam has been organizing personal development workshops focused on spirituality for over 30 years. But last December, he was indicted and imprisoned. The former guru is accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse of weakness by six of his former followers.

Broadcast on Sunday, February 20 at 5:20 p.m. in 66 minutes on M6

Presented by Xavier de Moulins.
A Studiofact Media Group production in partnership with Le Parisien.
A report written by Rabah Aït Hamadouche & Vincent Gautronneau.

He lived in style in his splendid castle of Granès or at the wheel of his luxury cars. He said he had a direct link with the Indian chief Sitting Bull, and over the years he had developed a shamanic method to reconnect with his “totem animal”.

A perfect bait for new age fans in search of meaning. The septuagenarian self-proclaimed shaman has been guiding his followers towards esoteric paths for almost 30 years.

Problem; Cyrille A. multiplied among them the sexual conquests and, there is more than one year, a collective of former disciples was constituted to denounce abuses related to his hold of “guru”. The Mivilude (Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Sectarian Aberrations) was contacted, followed by the Nîmes Public Prosecutor’s Office for criminal complaints.

“White wolf”, who was thus put in examination for “rapes”, “sexual aggressions” and “abuse of weakness by suggestion” evokes him of consensual relations. Cyrille Adam is now sleeping behind bars since the beginning of December. His request for release on health grounds was rejected by the Nîmes Court of Appeal.

Presumed innocent, the investigation will be long, especially since, in addition to the sexual assaults, financial malpractice would be studied, especially by studying his lifestyle, incompatible with a shaman.

We will investigate on the spot in the village of Granes where the sulphurous reputation of the white wolf is not any more to make. We will shoot there in hidden camera a training course in immersion – because they still take place in his absence – to show his particular methods.

We will hear from complainants who have been abused and disillusioned by the old man, from former disciples who have left this infernal spiral, and from lawyers and prosecutors.

We will interview specialists in shamanism and the sectarian phenomenon, but also the director of a documentary on Loup Blanc and local journalists who have covered the case.

USA: women in prison, the double punishment


In the early 1980s, there were fewer than 25,000 women behind bars in the United States. 40 years later, there are more than 230,000. The number of women in prison has literally exploded, growing twice as fast as the number of men in prison.

Broadcast on February 5, 2022 at 18:35 on ARTE in ARTE Reportage.
A report by Brice Lambert and Gwenlaouen Le Gouil.
A StudioFact Media Group production.

What are the mechanisms that lead so many women to prison? How to explain such a strong increase? What about the social consequences of such a phenomenon?

Through the example of Oklahoma, the state of all records, this report deciphers the realities behind these figures, while exploring initiatives that attempt to remedy this unprecedented crisis.

Harassment in the military: soldiers break the silence


Hooded, tied to a target in the middle of a firing range, during a live-fire exercise by the fighter jets in his brand-new squadron: this is the incredible hazing suffered by a young Air Force pilot in 2019. For the first time, Antoine, the victim of this mock execution, breaks the law of silence and agrees to testify openly for “Complément d’enquête”. He tells of the violence and the feeling of impunity that reign in the small world of fighter pilots.

Broadcast on Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 11pm in Complément d’enquête on France 2.Presented by Tristan Waleckx

An investigation by Pierre-Stéphane Fort and Mikaël Bozo.

A StudioFact Media Group production.

While the Ministry of the Armed Forces has been preaching exemplarity and zero tolerance, the magazine has obtained dozens of unpublished documents that contradict the official version. Insults, harassment, degrading treatment, beatings…

For months, many soldiers were contacted, witnesses or victims, pilots, mechanics or intelligence officers: they denounced the extremely serious facts and deplored the lack of reaction from the highest authorities of the army, or even the omerta that reigned within its ranks.

What is happening in the Air Force? Why have six soldiers at the Nancy-Ochey base, the most criticized, filed complaints about physical violence, moral and sexual harassment in recent years? Does the military really sanction deviant behavior? “Complément d’enquête” reveals the dark side of a world as fascinating as it is disturbing, that of the fighter pilots.

Yemen: immersion in the heart of a dirty war


Since 2015, a deadly war has been tearing Yemen apart. Located at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, this former territory of the Kingdom of Sheba, cradle of civilization and considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is being fought by Yemeni Shiite Houthi rebels and a coalition of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia. Already more than 10,000 people have been killed, 60,000 wounded and 3.5 million displaced in a war that is taking place out of sight, and that has led to a terrible famine.

Broadcast on Sunday 5 December 2021 at 23:10 in Enquête exclusive on M6
A documentary by Guillaume Dasquié and Nicolas Jaillard
A StudioFact Media Group production

For the first time in years, one of our teams was able to visit the “Houthi” rebels, in one of the most inaccessible regions of the planet. In Sana’a, the old capital, but also in Al-Hodeidah, a port city on the Red Sea, we investigated the embargo decreed by the coalition which, every day, kills and starves civilians. This embargo also affects oil, delivered in dribs and drabs. The entire rebel economy has slowed down, including agriculture and fishing, while civil servants are only paid for two months of the year.In the hospitals, the beds in the pediatric wards are overflowing with malnourished children suffering from the symptoms of starvation. Doctors are also concerned about the explosion in the number of malformations and cancers.
We also investigated coalition war crimes, such as the deadly bombings that targeted family ceremonies. On the spot, the French human rights lawyer, Joseph Bréham, collected new complaints against the Saudi Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, and the Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Ben Zayed, guilty in his eyes of war crimes.We have finally uncovered some surprising links between the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, the Saudis, and the Yemeni government-in-exile. According to many sources, they are fighting closely against the Houthi rebels.But in this “dirty” war, no side is more virtuous than the other. The Houthi rebels, officially called Ansar Allah, hold the 20 million Yemenis living in their area with an iron fist – and almost as hostages. As for their army, it spares neither civilians nor child soldiers whom it does not hesitate to enlist in its ranks.

Green justice: when nature sues


In the fight for the Earth, as soon as one fire is extinguished, another is lit. What if the Law could save humanity?
A documentary on the rights of nature and climate justice as levers to better protect the planet.

Broadcast on Friday, November 29, 2021 at 20:45 on Ushuaïa TV.
A documentary by Stenka Quillet – co-written by Stenka Quillet and Olivia Mokiejewski.
A StudioFact Media Group and Ushuaïa TV co-production.
Our planet is burning and NGOs seem to be overwhelmed by the number of catastrophic situations to manage… As soon as one fire goes out, on the other side of the world, another one lights up. From now on, activists of a new kind are planning to file a complaint in the name of nature. Lawyers and jurists are taking over from the traditional NGOs. White-collar rangers whose clients are rivers, forests, wild animals. They advocate for nature to be recognized as a legal person in order to bring a complaint on its behalf. They look for any loopholes in the laws and attack the enemies of nature on their own ground in order to take them to court. The rightas a weapon in the face of an emergency and of leaders who privilege the economic exploitation of these resources, even if it means destroying the environment.
Who are these lawyers of the earth? From the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, to the Carpathian forest in Romania, via France and New Zealand. We followed their fight against Goliath. How do they succeed where NGOs fail? How do they outwit the strategies of multinationals and states? For many, green justice today represents one of the best hopes, if not the last, for saving our future on Earth.

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Lolita, misunderstanding of a fantasy


How did the abused child of Nabokov’s masterpiece in black become an erotic icon in the collective imagination? Genealogy of a counter-intelligence fed by scandal and glory, as close as possible to the novel and its history.

Broadcast on October 13, 2021 at 22:35 on ARTE
A documentary by Olivia Mokiejewski.
A StudioFact Media Group and ARTE France co-production.
With the voice of Denis Podalydès from the Comédie Française
With its phenomenal success, Nabokov’s most famous novel made the nickname of its heroine a common name and popularized the word “nymph”. In the collective imagination, these two terms designate a young teaser, sexually precocious, who likes to arouse male desires. Why has the tragedy of Dolores Haze, aka Lolita, a 12-year-old orphan raped by her stepfather, which we perceive only through the latter’s criminal fantasy, remained caricatured for so long? Written in the first person singular, the novel presents itself as the feverish and remorseless confession of this 37-year-old man, an uprooted aesthete obsessed with his landlady’s daughter, whom he kidnaps and holds in his possession during a long flight across the United States in the 1940s. To do justice to “the most misunderstood book in the history of literature”, which some consider to be an apology for pedophilia, Olivia Mokiejewski goes back to the sources. It unfolds the genesis and the extraordinary destiny of the work, victim of a succession of misunderstandings, especially after its unfaithful adaptation to the cinema by Stanley Kubrick in 1962, seven years after its publication. At the same time, the film brings the text to life to evoke the “real” Lolita, an abused child whose suffering and absolute solitude haunt the story in filigree.

A manuscript that was burned, rejected, published, censored, republished and then praised, before finding its place among the universal masterpieces, Lolita owes part of its glory to its sulphurous subject as much as to its literary power. This only amplified the misunderstanding, despite the half-irritated, half-resigned clarifications of Vladimir Nabokov – among others on the set of Apostrophes in 1975, two years before his death, in front of a Bernard Pivot unhappily eccentric, which illustrates the magnitude of the gap. With other rare archives of the writer, and insights from her biographer, Brian Boyd, two of her translators (Maurice Couturier for the French, Tadashi Wakashima for the Japanese), as well as other avid readers and exegetes, including Vanessa Springora, the author of Consent (Grasset, 2020), Olivia Mokiejewski pays tribute to the stunning modernity of Lolita, which, nearly seventy years after its publication, confronts us with a human truth that many still refuse to see.

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Generation Kalach : the hidden face of the cities


Jérôme Pierrat, an investigative journalist and specialist in organized crime, went undercover in the heart of Marseilles’ sensitive neighborhoods, where violence and drug trafficking have been increasing for decades. From the simple “small” trafficker to the hired killers, without forgetting the experts, policemen and magistrates who try to curb the explosion of these illegal businesses, discover through exclusive interviews, their testimonies.

Broadcast on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 21:05 on RMC Story.
A documentary by Jérôme PierratA StudioFact Media Group production

Jérôme Pierrat, investigative journalist and specialist in organized crime, went to Marseilles to make this exceptional film. “Generation Kalach: the hidden face of the cities” is an edifying dive into the darkest and most terrifying aspects of the “milieu”. Beyond the trafficking, the money, the fantasy of “the good life”, there is a reality that governs this world, the darkest face of an already opaque universe, its extreme violence. And that is the only rule. Crime is a jungle in which the law of the strongest reigns.The new generation of thugs, the “narco-bandits”, from the sensitive neighborhoods have imposed new radical methods while displaying an unfailing determination. Kalashnikovs have become the signature, the norm, for solving problems and young traffickers are falling under the gun. We die younger and younger, more and more violently, for more and more futile reasons.

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France: the Ultra Right takes action


When the alert was issued, who could have imagined that the alleged kidnappers of little Mia could have acted for political reasons? The first elements of the investigation suggest that the kidnapping of the girl was an act of defiance against the State and the French authorities, the translation into action of conspiracy theories that are becoming more and more popular in the nebula of the ultra-right.

A report by Stéphane Munka and Jean-Michel Décugis for Complément d’enquête on France 2.

Original Air Date on April 29, 2021

In exclusivity, our team was able to meet one of the men under investigation in this case and to question the one who is suspected of being the organizer. From Malaysia, where he is the target of an international arrest warrant, Rémy Daillet agreed to answer questions from “Complément d’enquête”. How far is he willing to go to achieve his goal of “overthrowing the French government”?

Since 2017, police and gendarmes have reportedly foiled at least five planned attacks linked to this movement. Thanks to unpublished documents and testimonies, revelations on the AFO affair, an organization dismantled before it could carry out its attack projects. Among them, former police officers or retired military officers determined to fight against what they call “the Islamic peril”.

Killing the Indian: in the heart of the child


Passed in 1876, the Indian Act was intended to make First Nations community members second-class citizens separate from the white population. And to sedentarize a nomadic people to better control its territories and resources. Generations of girls and boys were taken from their parents and placed in “residential schools”, the last of which did not close until 1996. The director returns to the trauma caused by this policy of acculturation carried out by the authorities and still taboo in Canada.

A documentary by Gwenlaouen Le Gouil for Arte.

Released on April 13, 2021

Double award at FIGRA: The Special Jury Prize and the Arnaud Hamelin Satev-Figra Prize

Through the struggle for justice of a handful of angry Aboriginal people, this film is an investigation into the origins of the trauma that haunts Canada’s First Nations. Until 1996, the Church and the government tried to turn Native American children into “good little Christians”, to “civilize” them by locking them up in the infamous residential schools. Generations of children have been torn away from their parents and abused throughout their childhood, especially sexually, by the religious people who were supposed to educate them. Four thousand children died there. The alcoholism, drug abuse, femicide and suicide waves that plague Aboriginal communities today are a direct result of the atrocities experienced in these schools.

This documentary road movie takes us from the reserves and frozen lands of Northern Ontario to the outskirts of Thunder Bay, the “crime capital” of Canada, fatal to so many Aboriginal women. In Ottawa, we met with a Member of Parliament who is championing the Aboriginal cause in Parliament, along with a handful of residential school “survivors” who are fighting the Canadian government for justice and dignity.

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