The Return: Investigation on Seïf Al-Islam Khadafi

52′ | FR | HD | 2023

Since October 20, 2011, the date of his father’s death, he has been captured by the Zintan rebels, sentenced to death by Tripoli, released by a militia before disappearing again. On July 30, 2021, he reappeared in the New York Times. A few weeks later, the International Conference for Libya was held in Paris. Led by France, Italy and Germany, in the presence of the United States, Russia and all the powerful neighbors of the area. But not a word about Seïf Al-Islam Gaddafi.

His return disrupted the Libyan elections, which were in turn postponed and cancelled. Why?
Because it is the return of a GADDAFI in the world political arena. What role can he really play?
What threat is he to his enemies? How has he survived and paid for his security for 10 years? Where is the Libyan money?

Director: Martine Laroche-Joubert and Maryline Dumas

Producer: Slug News

French broadcaster: ARTE

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